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The Bus Center family of companies is pleased to announced Bitimec Wash Bots are now available for purchase at all three location in Atlanta, Birmingham and Nashville! These mobile washing machines for buses are a cost effective, easier and you will use far less labor, water and time. There are two type of systems available the 626-EZ Battery or 101-BB Teathered. Call us for more information or to schedule a demonstration at 844.256-6169.  Download Printable Brochure Here



According to STN Online, the FCC will grant another opportunity for school districts to apply for Emergency Connectivity Fund (EFC).  The EFC funds are available to help implement school bus Wi-Fi hotspots.  The application process begins September 28, 2021. Read more:

We are Growing!

The Bus Center - Atlanta Moving to New Address!

The Bus Center – Atlanta is moving to a new location as of October 28th! We are so excited to get to move to a large building and continue to help The Bus Center – Atlanta grow every single day by being able to reach more people. If you would like more information on The Bus Center – Atlanta, please give us a call at 770.675.3738. Thank you so much for always supporting The Bus Center in all of our current and future endeavor’s.

Our New Address

110 Holt Industrial Circle

Acworth, GA 30101




Purchasing a Bus For Your Senior Living Community

Is your senior living community thinking about purchasing a bus?

Is your senior living community thinking about purchasing a bus? We believe it’s one of the best things you can do for your community and your residents. Here are a few reasons why;

1.Handicap Accessible:

It is important that your bus is able to accommodate everyone, that being said a wheelchair accessible bus is a good idea for a senior living community.  At The Bus Center we offer both Braun and Ricon wheelchair lifts and Sure-Lok and Q’Straint tie-down kits.  It is important to purchase your bus with these features, because they are extremely difficult and expensive to add after the bus has been built.



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It would have been unheard of to call diesel a clean fuel 10, 15, even 20 years ago.  But, thanks to today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and new advances in engine technology diesel is the cleanest option to any alternative fuel.  “We are hearing a lot about alternative fuel in the industry right now,” said Caley Edgerly, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses.  “However, instead of focusing on the alternative fuel trends, school districts should be talking about which school bus operates efficiently, is better for the environment and saves money on fuel costs. It’s always great to have options, but when it comes to fuel choice, diesel remains the best fuel option for fleets today.”


Have you ever considered purchasing a Multi-Function School Activity Bus for your private school, daycare, or YMCA center? Here are a few reasons why one of these buses would be a great fit.

1. Safety

Unlike traditional school buses several MFSAB models already come equipped with seat belts. Models like the SC-9 also have a full safety package on board which include; a fire extinguisher, safety triangles, first aid kit, body fluid clean-up kit, seat belt cutter, reverse alarm, interior convex mirror, white standee line, and roof hatch with an alarm.

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