Round 2 EPA Clean Bus Program –

Round 2 of the EPA Clean School Bus Program, a $5 Billion program designed to help schools electrify their school bus fleets.  Round 1 provided several school systems across the state with enough funding to purchase over 50 electric school buses. Let’s keep as much of this money coming to our state schools as possible. Applications for Round 2 just opened in April.

Our School Bus Staff in Birmingham and Nashville are available as a resource if you have questions or need help applying.  Our Team helped secure funding in round 1 and we can do the same for your school district.


Round 2 is significantly different from Round 1, as it will be a competitive application process instead of a random lottery. This will require your application to be high quality and well thought out. We strongly encourage you to start planning your application now to increase the chances of winning a grant. Our Team Members will be happy to connect with you to share a few steps you can take to get ahead of the process.

Are you available for a 20-minute phone call?


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