Multi Function School and Activity Bus (MFSAB) For Your Organization!

Have you ever considered purchasing a Multi-Function School Activity Bus for your private school, daycare, or YMCA center? Here are a few reasons why one of these buses would be a great fit.

1. Safety

Unlike traditional school buses several MFSAB models already come equipped with seat belts. Models like the SC-9 also have a full safety package on board which include; a fire extinguisher, safety triangles, first aid kit, body fluid clean-up kit, seat belt cutter, reverse alarm, interior convex mirror, white standee line, and roof hatch with an alarm.


2. Size Options

MFSAB’s come in three different sizes; Small (14 Passengers + Driver), Medium (15-26 Passengers), and Large (27-Plus Passengers).


3. Non-CDL

If you’re looking for more flexibility in the driver department, consider purchasing a Small Non-CDL Bus. A bus with 15 passengers or less doesn’t require the driver to have a CDL license.

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