Purchasing a Bus Can Help Your Ministry Grow

Did you know that growing your church ministry could be as simple as purchasing a church bus?




From greater possibilities when it comes to outreach, to youth activities, growing your ministry with the help of a bus has never been easier! Today, we’re going to go over just a few of the reasons why purchasing a bus can help your ministry grow.



Transportation Opportunities



Chances are that there are many people who would love to come to your church but can’t make it themselves. The reasons for this can range from unable to drive to just not owning a vehicle they can use to get to church. With the help of a bus, you enable these types of people to come to church and enjoy themselves as well as help your ministry grow and your community comes closer together.



Youth Activities and Events



If you’re like most churches, you have a youth ministry.  Sometimes it’s difficult to make sure everyone ends up at the same event at the same time or you have a long distance trip in mind but no vehicles large enough to carry everyone. The addition of a church bus helps your youth ministry grow and thrive without having to worry and without anyone having to miss out on the fun! Oh, and the best part? Teens and young adults love hanging out in groups and a church bus will make that a greater possibility. Youth camp time, anyone?



Greater Outreach Possibilities



If your church is involved with community outreach and doing things like visiting jails, prisons, retirement homes, pregnancy centers, family resource centers and food pantries, having a church bus to get everyone from one place to another in a timely manner is extremely beneficial. You can save time and gas for others as well as mileage on vehicles and keep people from getting lost. Did you have a day mission trip in mind for the church? Now you can make your dreams and prayers a reality!




Having a church bus can not only make ministry in your community and even your State easier, it can take a load off of the congregation and expand the scope for outreach possibilities. If you’ve been looking for a good reason to add a bus ministry to your church programs, there’s no time like today to get started.


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