Free Prison Bus Buyer’s Guide


The needs of law enforcement officials and prisons for prisoner transportation are totally unique. We recognize that safety and reliability are the two most important features of your prisoner transport vehicle.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing both public and private entities with buses, vans and completely customized vehicles for the transportation of detainees, we can provide a complete  selection of features and special options designed to meet your specific needs.

What Transport Capacity Will You Need?

From commercial vans to full size buses, we can build vehicles that will hold from 10 to 48 passengers. Choose from a TransitWorks ADA to a large Thomas HDX or anything in between from our reliable and reputable bus manufacturers.

Low Security or High Security Bus?

With the help of our experienced prison transport team, we can fulfill all your needs to ensure the safety of your passengers, drivers and security personnel.

Customized aftermarket features?

  • Freedman Prisoner Bench Seats
  • Restroom Installation
  • Officer Seats
  • Cages
  • Backup Cameras
  • Surveillance Monitoring
  • Luggage Space
  • Gun Racks and Gun Safes
  • Air Conditioning

You can trust The Bus Center to help you with your prison transport selection. We can guide you because we’ve done this before. We know the questions to ask to make sure you get the prison transport vehicle that best suits your needs.

All makes and models are available.

Since every bus is custom built to meet the specific needs and budgets our customers, please call the number above and ask to speak  to one of our prisoner transport vehicle specialists.

Please call the number above and ask for to speak to one of our detainee transport specialists.

Simply fill in this form and we’ll e-mail you the link for your FREE download.

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