Five Benefits To Leasing Your Church Bus

So your church has decided it’s time to start looking at transportation options. There are several options when it comes to purchasing your church bus that can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help you filter through those options and decide what is best for your congregation.

Keep in mind that leasing a bus for your congregation is much different than a car lease program. At Transportation South, we work with churches on a daily basis and we’re proud to represent churches in the transportation industry. We understand your wants and needs and we believe that leasing is an option you should consider when purchasing a bus for your congregation. Here are five benefits to leasing a bus for your church:

  1. Leasing is cost effective

Leasing a bus for your congregation allows for a fixed, budgeted, and low monthly payment for your church to work around each year. In most cases, leasing a church bus can also be written off as an operating expense – tax advice must be obtained from your accountant.

  1. Warranty Benefits

You’ll be under warranty for the majority of the lease so there should be very little, if any, unexpected maintenance costs. The only costs you will incur are your routine preventative maintenance such as: oil changes, tires rotations, etc.

  1. Aggressive Residual

Churches typically take very good care of their buses and put fairly low miles on them. This enables us to keep a very aggressive residual (between 40% – 50%), which gives the church the lowest monthly amount possible.

  1. Opened- Ended Lease

The lease will be written as an “open-ended lease.” This means that at the 60 month mark, you’ll be able to make one of three decisions:

  1. Turn the bus back in to us
  2. Extend the lease for another 1-2 years
  3. Purchase the bus outright at the same residual it’s written down to
  1. New Bus Every 60 Months

You’ll be trading the bus back to us every 60 months which allows your church to trade in for a brand new bus. We’ve learned that many of the congregation’s senior members are grateful and excited to keep a new bus in their fleet that they are confident in. Having a new bus every 60 months will assure your members that you have a safe and reliable means of transportation and that you can be worry-free of the bus causing you any issues.


For more information on leasing a bus for your church, give us a call anytime at 888-994-5143. We would love to talk with you about what we have to offer.

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