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For nearly 50 years, The Bus Center has helped thousands find the right bus for their particular needs. In order to make your bus-buying experience as simple and stress-free as possible, we created The Bus Center Guide To Buying A Tour and Charter Bus. Inside you’ll learn:

  • Questions to ask before buying a tour or charter bus
  • How much will a charter bus weigh?
  • What floor plan do I need?
  • What options or special features will I need?
  • What’s the best option – buying or leasing?

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A bus ministry can be fun and rewarding for not only your church, but the whole community! That being said, a bus ministry can also bring serious and dangerous issues along with it if not carefully supervised and controlled responsibly.




safety tips for developing a bus ministry



What are some ways you can ensure safety for all of your passengers and the driver, all while bringing hope and love to your community through your bus ministry? Keep reading and find out!



Selecting the Perfect Driver



The driver or drivers for any bus ministry must be selected carefully. This is going to be one of the most important steps when it comes to developing the perfect program for your bus ministry.


school bus safety is a group effort!


While a school bus is a safer ride for a child than the family van or riding their bike, school buses can still be dangerous. Today there are so many more distracted drivers on the road and children darting out from and around buses during the boarding process.


We believe that school bus safety is a group effort and that the time to make the roads safer for school buses and keep our children out of harm’s way is now. Today, we’re going to go over some ways everyone can pitch in a little to help save lives on school buses every single day.


Go Over School Bus Safety Tips



When we think about the dangers of school buses, we often think [...]

Did you know that growing your church ministry could be as simple as purchasing a church bus?


purchasing a church bus can help your ministry grow



From greater possibilities when it comes to outreach, to youth activities, growing your ministry with the help of a bus has never been easier! Today, we’re going to go over just a few of the reasons why purchasing a bus can help your ministry grow.



Transportation Opportunities



Chances are that there are many people who would love to come to your church but can’t make it themselves. The reasons for this can range from unable to drive to just not owning a vehicle they can use to get to church. With the help of a bus, you enable these types of people to come to church and enjoy themselves as [...]



Purchasing a bus can be daunting, but we’re here to let you know that it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, purchasing a bus can be a lot of fun as well as a great learning opportunity. To prove our point, here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about buses.


History of the Bus

The first bus was introduced in Paris, France by a man named Blaise Pascal in the year 1662. This bus wasn’t like the buses you see today. This bus was drawn by horses. The tickets were so expensive, however, that it only lasted a total of about fifteen years. The next horse-drawn bus made its appearance on the scene in 1812. It was during this time that the bus got its name. It derived from the Latin word, “Omnibus” which means “For all”. Interesting, huh? By the 1830s, buses were steam powered. [...]




You’re purchasing a new bus and you’re not sure what to expect? Don’t stress though, because we’ve created a list of seven things you can consider when purchasing a bus that will make this process a breeze. No longer do you have to wonder and panic a little inside thinking you’ve forgotten something. We’re covering all the important stuff you need to consider, like safety.



Buses are built with the safety of the passengers in mind. They are designed with a lower center of gravity, which reduces the possibility of rolling, something that is prevalent among fifteen-passenger vans and similar forms of transportation.

Wide aisles and handrails provide security and comfort to passengers while maintaining a clean look. When purchasing a new bus, it is very important to keep an eye out and be certain there aren’t any issues that could be hazardous [...]

We’re proud to be LifeWay’s exclusively endorsed bus dealer! We work with churches on a regular basis and we understand the transportation wants and needs of churches. We keep over 200 buses in stock at all times that are equipped specifically for churches. You won’t have to wait months for your bus to be built – we have it right here on our lot, ready to go! Whether you’re looking for a new or used bus, a small non-CDL bus or large bus, we can help you find just what you are looking for. Click here to learn more about our relationship with LifeWay.  You may be wondering how you’re going to choose a bus for your congregation with almost 200 options. Not to worry! Our sales specialists are here to help you. We recommend the following buses below in the small, medium, and large categories for churches.

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