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school bus safety is a group effort!


While a school bus is a safer ride for a child than the family van or riding their bike, school buses can still be dangerous. Today there are so many more distracted drivers on the road and children darting out from and around buses during the boarding process.


We believe that school bus safety is a group effort and that the time to make the roads safer for school buses and keep our children out of harm’s way is now. Today, we’re going to go over some ways everyone can pitch in a little to help save lives on school buses every single day.


Go Over School Bus Safety Tips



When we think about the dangers of school buses, we often think [...]

Did you know that growing your church ministry could be as simple as purchasing a church bus?


purchasing a church bus can help your ministry grow



From greater possibilities when it comes to outreach, to youth activities, growing your ministry with the help of a bus has never been easier! Today, we’re going to go over just a few of the reasons why purchasing a bus can help your ministry grow.



Transportation Opportunities



Chances are that there are many people who would love to come to your church but can’t make it themselves. The reasons for this can range from unable to drive to just not owning a vehicle they can use to get to church. With the help of a bus, you enable these types of people to come to church and enjoy themselves as [...]

The Bus Center Washington

Washington Bus Sales
Washington’s New and Used Bus Dealer


The ever-turning wheels of The Bus Center reach all the way into the Pacific Northwest. Gather your church youth group, retirement community, or class of elementary schoolers and hop in one of our new or used buses! At The Bus Center, we make sure your trips stay swift and simple. We’re the state of Washington’s new and used bus seller. Our school buses, shuttle buses, mid-size vans and other vehicles are all affordably priced while still maintaining top-grade quality. With us, your group never goes without a ride.


Many Different Bus Types Coach Buses, School Buses, Shuttles Buses For Sale In Washington

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Purchasing a bus can be daunting, but we’re here to let you know that it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, purchasing a bus can be a lot of fun as well as a great learning opportunity. To prove our point, here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about buses.


History of the Bus

The first bus was introduced in Paris, France by a man named Blaise Pascal in the year 1662. This bus wasn’t like the buses you see today. This bus was drawn by horses. The tickets were so expensive, however, that it only lasted a total of about fifteen years. The next horse-drawn bus made its appearance on the scene in 1812. It was during this time that the bus got its name. It derived from the Latin word, “Omnibus” which means “For all”. Interesting, huh? By the 1830s, buses were steam powered. [...]

The Bus Center Wisconsin

Wisconsin Bus Sales
New & Used Buses For Sale In Wisconsin Wisconsin natives that need a lift look no further –The Bus Center has the quality service and affordable prices that you’re looking for. Churches, youth groups, child care facilities, and retirement communities look to us for their transport needs – and we deliver! We carry a large variety of mid and large-sized vans and school buses to get your group from point a to point b. Our Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB) and wheelchair-accessible multi-passenger vehicles are excellent choices from mid to large sized group travel. Affordable Prices and a Huge Variety of Inventory School Buses, Tour Buses, Shuttle Buses In Wisconsin All 50 states are covered by our representatives and Wisconsin is no exception. We have the volume discounts you need and our extensive inventory of used or new mass transit vehicles means you’re sure to find the vehicle you need. If you’re interested in purchasing a used school bus our vehicle selection is second to none. These heavy-duty vehicles make great options for larger churches or organizations that need to transport large groups. Your group can count on The Bus Center to provid [...]

The Bus Center West Virginia

West Virginia Bus Sales
New and Used Buses In West Virginia


Whether it’s cruising along the Kanawha River or taking a group trip the Monogahela National Forest, you need your trip to go smoothly – both in logistics and the steadiness of your vehicle. With The Bus Center’s help, you’ll find what you need to give a lift to your youth group or 2nd grade class with our inventory of used buses and vans. If you’re looking for a church bus, school bus or passenger van – any size, small, medium or 27+ passengers – The Bus Center will get you connected with a vehicle that will meet your needs. We’re West Virginia’s go-to dealer of both new and used buses and vans. Large van and bus Inventory for your commercial transit needs Transit Vans, Mass Transit Buses, School Buses, Coach Buses, Shuttle Buses For Sale In West Virginia

The Bus Center serves all 50 states, and that means that we have the volume discounts you're looking for. Our extensive inventory of used or new mass transit vehicles provides you with an outstanding selection at affordable prices. Are you interested in purchasing a use [...]

The Bus Center Virginia

Virginia Bus Sales
The Bus Center New and Used Buses In Virginia 888.994.5143 When your groups travel from one place to the next, they want to do so comfortably – and in a vehicle they can trust. That’s where The Bus Center comes in. Our buses are available both new and used and provide some of the best and most efficient transit in the state of Virginia. Our buses are well-equipped to take you to D.C. and back again. You can travel down the busy streets and highways of Richmond or take the scenic route on the Blue Ridge Parkway – all in one of our large or mid-sized buses or vans.  Quality Manufacturers, Quality Buses and Vans. Best Buses For Sale In Virginia 

We take provide in providing the best vans and buses for sale in Virginia. [...]

The Bus Center Vermont

Vermont Bus Sales
New and Used Buses For Sale In Vermont


The right bus for your occasion is out there – and it’s The Bus Center’s job to help you find the best bus for sale in Vermont. Lucky for you, The Bus Center sells new or used buses and vans in Vermont. Choose from top international and national brands like BraunAbility, TransitWorks, Champion, StarTrans Bus, Thomas Built Buses, Turtle Top, Collins Bus Corporation, Federal Coach, and many more. In addition to used buses, we have a large inventory of new buses from these top grade manufacturers. We can finance your purchase, and there are service centers in all 50 states to help you with maintenance.

An Extensive Commercial Transit Inventory to Meet Vermont Travel Needs School Buses, Shuttle Buses, Coach Buses For Sale In Vermont

No community is too diverse for The Bus Center, and no road too long or hidden. Our inventory of vehicles makes finding a new or used bus or van in the beautiful state of Vermont easier than ever. Cruise the roads efficiently or ride them in style – it’s all up to you. And wi [...]

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